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I'm an Oakland jazz salsa singer-songwriter, fluent in a few languages thanks to my itinerant childhood. Since 2004 I've done more than a dozen studio recordings for my own & other bands. In 2010, I sang on the Grammy-nominated Bien! Bien! In 2011, I made a fan-funded CD, and in 2012 my singing/songwriting was on Pacific Mambo Orchestra's debut CD. In 2013, we won a Grammy!

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Bad Gigs by Tuck Andress (of Tuck & Patti)

Bad Gigs by Tuck Andress (of Tuck & Patti)

I first posted this on August 11, 2005 on my old blog, but it came up today so I thought I’d repost here. At the time I had seen this posted all over the place, so with credit to Tuck Andress, here are a few hilarious situations that will make you feel better about gigging....

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Boca Mundial feat. Alexa Morales in Walnut Creek on 04/21/18

Boca Mundial feat. Alexa Morales in Walnut Creek on 04/21/18

BOCA MUNDIAL, a world jazz band led by Grammy-winning multilingual vocalist Alexa Weber Morales, returns to the Impulse Room! The septet will perform a delicious variety of international musical flavors for listening and light dancing at Walnut Creek’s newest jazz venue. BOCA MUNDIAL includes pianist and composer Anne Sajdera, drummer and bandleader (with the Afro Cuban...
My top 11 takeaways from #NAMM 2018

My top 11 takeaways from #NAMM 2018

Here are my top 11 takeaways from #NAMM 2018: #1 There’s a lot of money in the music business. But finding it, like hunting Pokemon, can be hazardous. Just know that it’s there, and don’t be desperate. #2 The Bay Area is a hotbed of talent, but LA has skillz. #3 Synth and electronic music...