365 day blog challenge Day 5

I watched a video today (see below) from this stretching guru whose YouTube channel, called Strength Side, has really taken off. He said something that resonated about not just choosing goals that you’ve heard about or that you think will impress others. Instead of always chasing the results, think about something that you’re truly interested in learning more about.

Once you’ve narrowed that down, you’re ready to be a student of that discipline or skill. What’s interesting here is, so often we think of “getting through” the process just so we can get to the end result, the diploma on the wall, the proof that we did it. As he puts it, that’s a terrible way to live, just “getting through” things — and in the end, the accomplishments not only leave us empty, they leave us yearning for something bigger and better. If “success” is the goal, it’s hollow.

Instead, embrace becoming a student. I liked that reframing. It’s a good reminder that being a student is not a burden or boring. It is fun and enjoyable when we choose to study what excites us. Like many, I have become addicted to surfing for new information or knowledge on the Internet. If I have time to learn more about our government than I ever cared to know, I have time to harness that dopamine-seeking behavior to study ecology, physiology, the arts, landscape design, spirituality, stretching, music theory…