Of course you are. But you are also allowed to push yourself.

One of my favorite concepts is from Coach John Wooden, something along the lines that some kids need more whip cream, some need more discipline. The same thing applies to yourself.

For example, tonight I would like to livestream, but I feel tired since I was practicing until 2 am last night, my feet hurt, I don’t want to put on makeup, and I have an article deadline looming.

I don’t think I feel too guilty for not live-streaming tonight, because I have practiced piano, singing and arranging quite a lot today. Even better, I’ve made a ton of progress. A whole lot of stuff is opening up for me.

However, I also recognize that performing bathes me in a magical improvement serum. But it’s OK. I think I will sleep early and stream some time tomorrow, with my songs marinating in my fingers for one more sleep. Sleep is critical to skill too.

In summary, my formula for improvement is whip cream, discipline, deadlines, performance and sleep.