Today was actually our day two, as we started yesterday for the press preview. Some of the press we previewed for were legit, some probably formed a publishing concern in order to get a pass to NAMM. But today it started to become clear just how much of an onslaught of music business insiders and pros will be attending this conference.

I gave the demo of Tiggzi mobile apps builder to many amazed folks, who were impressed that they would not have to learn XCode, Apple’s iOS development environment, or Objective C. One guy told me he’d already spent months learning the language. But most agreed that this was a way better way to build an app — and then get back to making music!

I also did an impromptu jam with Scottish guitarist Martin Taylor, who was the artist working with the booth next door to us. I played melodica on a standard, then sang in French. Luckily I didn’t know three of the men in the audience that spontaneously formed were French! One of them ended up visiting with me for quite awhile, and I understood all his French! My French vocabulary quickly ran out and I kept trying to Franc-o-phy Spanish.

I tweeted a bunch of pictures and fun moments (giant bass stomp box, a stylist who looked like a Russian Dita von Teese, a famous drummer, crystal-clear molecular drums, my wardrobe malfunction). Follow me on Twitter for all the fun!

I walked the floor a bit… It’s more massive than anything I’ve been to in recent history. In my first magazine job years ago for a Spanish- and Portuguese-language publication, I used to attend a vast radiology conference at McCormick Place in Chicago every November. This seems bigger. There are floor after floor of exhibits. Every instrument you can imagine. Gear you can’t imagine!

Today I wanted to buy some retractable XLR cords, a cord wrapping spool with storage compartments and a cool extension cord for gigs. Also saw an amazing-sounding Remo pandeiro with an interesting rough skin (reindeer something or other?) that made it very easy for me to do a roll. Their orange booth made me think, “And they say there’s no money in music!” Some nice maracas. Lots of books I’d like to buy. A bust of Chopin. Total iPad envy, app after app and Bluetooth page-turning pedals for iPad gig books.

I’d like to see keyboards and melodicas.

Meanwhile there were interesting performances both large and small. Watched a heavy metal soundcheck. The drummer was shirtless with black-rimmed eyes and a crazy headscarf. I realized that the way people play bass in heavy metal is not ergonomic.

I took a massive haul of magazines back to my hotel room. Makes me happy to see so many magazines about the business I love!

Now I’m going to practice before I get my sleep. Today was a bit hard on the voice and it’s only going to get louder tomorrow!