I received this information from wonderful Oakland blues and soul singer Terrie Odabi. Here are resources that can provide financial relief for musicians whose gigs are being cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Musicians Foundation

Helps professional musicians who have worked five or more years in the U.S. by providing emergency financial assistance in meeting current living, medical and allied expenses. Applicants must be able to show that their music is or was their primary source of income.

Website:  http://www.musiciansfoundation.org/apply/

Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund

The JMEF is committed to helping jazz professionals, especially older musicians, overcome their hard times and to help them get back on their feet, making emergency funds available for immediate needs. They have programs for housing and emergency assistance, a network of pro bono medical care providers, and disaster relief.

Website:  http://www.musiciansfoundation.org/apply/

MusicCares Foundation

MusiCares may grant short-term financial assistance for personal or addiction needs that have arisen due to unforeseen circumstances. Funding may be awarded for needs such as rent, car payments, insurance premiums, utilities, medical/dental expenses, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, sober living, and other personal expenses.

Applicants must be able to show that they have worked in the music industry for at least five years or that they have six commercially released recordings or videos (singles).

Website:  https://www.grammy.com/musicares/get-help

Music Maker Relief Foundation

Helps the pioneers and forgotten heroes of Southern musical traditions gain recognition and meet their day to day needs. Criteria for recipients is they be rooted in a Southern musical tradition, be 55 years or older and have an annual income less than $18,000. Musician Sustenance – Grants for necessities such as food, medical needs, housing. Emergency Relief – Substantial one-time grants to recipients in crisis (medical, fire, theft, etc.).

Website:  www.musicmaker.org

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

Provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. The applicant must be a musician who has regular public performances, or performed on at least three widely released recordings (audio or audiovisual), or written music that has been performed on three widely released recordings, or published on three occasions.

Website: www.sweetrelief.org