I Wanna Work For You cover

Photo: David Belove

Today, my third full-length album goes on sale in digital format. This is an album about the search for work, for purpose, for justice, for love, for anything real in an artificial world. The 10 original tunes on I Wanna Work for You ruminate on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and naked grabs for power, misguided love affairs and tired marriages, stratospheric self-actualization and gender-bent blues.

I want to thank the 90 backers on Kickstarter who made this project possible. Sam Bevan, you’re a collaborator beyond compare, the finest arranger and producer I could have chosen to evolve my sound! Gary Mankin, magic musical mensch. Jonathan Alford, gentle, jazzy and true! Carlos Caro & Colin Douglas, creative and in the pocket, el oso y el cubano al ataque! Felix Samuel, gracias por tu voz auténtica de la Habana. Mara and Steffen, your brass is a blast. Raj Kumar, thank you for your help videotaping and efforts to make the Kickstarter campaign a success! Robert Remy, how delightful to discover that a simple request from three years ago could compound into something much grander.

There are many other people to thank, of course, including my family and kids, who always say my songs rock.

Now what are you waiting for?