Happy Jazz Appreciation Month! Jazz is America’s classical music, a mixture of Afro-Cuban and African rhythms, blues, ragtime, spirituals and European polyphony and instrumentation, springing up from the former French port city of New Orleans. If you have trouble remembering when the Kansas City blues were big or who was part of the West Coast Cool Jazz scene, look no further than this stunning jazz history infographic showing key players by genre!Jazz History Infographic
Graphic designer Gage Nguyen, a UCLA Design|Media Arts 2014 grad, is a relatively new fan of jazz. He just launched a Kickstarter project to help educate people on the evolution of jazz and its different subgenres.  You can get your own printed (or even framed) copy of this beautiful poster here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1854710561/jazz-diagram-poster.


Now, I noticed we need to add a few more women to the list (in fact, I’m sending Gage some names for inclusion). What do you think of this poster, and what sorts of music infographics would you like to see more of? Let me know!
For more on Gage, visit www.gagethedesigner.com.