Thanks to all the fans who voted for us! I share the award for Latin Jazz Outer Edges Album of the Year with arranger/associate producer Sam Bevan, as well as Colin Douglas, Carlos Caro, Jonathan Alford, Gary Mankin, Steffen Kuehn, Mara Fox and Felix Samuel! Thank you all, and thanks to Chip Boaz of the Latin Jazz Corner for his support throughout this project, from start to glorious finish!

“I Wanna Work For You certainly blends a healthy helping of jazz harmonies and rhythms from across Cuba and Brazil, but there’s also bits of funk, pop, rock, and more. It’s a fantastic album that truly does explore the outer edges of the Latin Jazz world while making a serious nod to tradition.” ~Chip Boaz

Here’s some airplay from Chip, too! “In our second segment, we take a look at the new album from Alexa Weber Morales, I Wanna Work For You. There’s a snippet of an interview that I did with Morales as she was putting together this album, where she talks about the idea behind the album and we listen to a track from the recording, Catastrofe De Amor.”

And I LOVE this review by Chip:

“During times of discontent and social unrest, ferocious jazz will explode from musicians, filled with tension and passion….Vocalist Alexa Weber Morales tapped into a collective feeling of discontent around the current economy and job market while creating material for her new album I Wanna Work For You….Morales’ keen awareness of the world around her, coupled with her strong sense of musicality and experience in the Latin Jazz world makes I Wanna Work For You a great listen. It’s a wonderful example of an artist expressing the struggles and desires of her generation through her medium.”

Again, thank you to Chip for all the support this year, and thanks to all the fans who voted for I Wanna Work For You!