Around this time of year, I am usually in my annual winter blubber battle. So I decided to track my food for 2 weeks, not missing a day. The results were not instantaneously positive. In fact, my weight climbed, my husband continued to bring home donuts, cakes and pan Mexicano, and I continued to eat it along with everything else in sight.

Then I realized, about a week in, that I was fighting the food tracking. The whole thing was a struggle. By contrast, I wasn’t struggling with piano the way I used to. It’s just happening and I am enjoying it. So, I decided to let go of the outcome of tracking (while continuing to track) and maybe to visualize a positive result, eventually, like a lower number on the scale or my clothes fitting differently or just not being bloated after eating too many damn ribs, steaks and cakes. Knowing myself, if I fight something, I can get even more rebellious about it. Letting go of the need for the food tracking to have an instant result or to have it instantly snap me back into good eating habits like eating slowly and avoiding trigger foods was a necessary step.

Having made this decision, the next morning I woke up and felt mentally lighter. Despite this, I went to go weigh myself — surprise! The scale did not work! A few minutes later, I smiled to myself, realizing that was perfect, since I was letting go of the outcome. I love it when I get little signs like that.