Así Es El Amor
By Alexa Weber Morales (BMI)

Así es el amor
Ya no es invento del fabulador
Así es el amor
Es una sensación de intenso dolor
Entiendo la soledad

Tan lejos/Tan triste
Tan suave/Porque te fuiste
Me destrozaste

Mi armadura por fin caía
No me cansaba de tu maravilla
Dos perlas perdidas bajo el mar
Locura tan linda, hermoso azar
Con ansias llegamos a la prueba final
Borraron mis penas, tu fuerza vital

Sospiros y risas, tono divino
Cielo nocturno, gozar infinito
Contra mi piel tu soplo ardiente
Me hizo volar hasta el horizonte
Caricias doradas de puro amor
Me diste ternura, me diste calor

Tan lejos/Tan triste
Tan suave/Porque te fuiste

Her Ways Wander
By Alexa Weber Morales (BMI)

Running never far
Climb in to his car
Money who you are
Burn it like a star

Floating in her fear
Nothing seems sincere
Welling like a tear
Hold on another year

Her Ways Wander
Her Ways Wander
And she does not know it
A life whose greatest gift is goodbye
Her Ways Wander
Her Ways Wander
And she does not know it
Luscious lapse into a long dark slide

Laying waste her power
Fading like a flower
Counting every hour
Aching to devour

Learning how to fall
Practiced when she was small
Lying does not appall
No man can know her all


Soy Magdalena
No vi la piedra
Soy Magdalena
No vi la piedra

Waiting down on Main
Dripping in the rain
Swaying on the train
Scrubbing at the stain


The Goddess of War
By Alexa Weber Morales (BMI)

We sat in the night ’round a long burnished table
For hour upon hour we toyed with the nations
Our pace was too tentative, Zeus harshly boomed
“It’s kill or cure,” he cleverly crooned.

All eyes were averted, one voice laughed with joy:
“Let’s do it, let’s wipe it all clean with one blow!”
She bounced in her armchair and clapped with delight
“The sooner we’re rid of them, sooner we’re right!”

I have always aspired to her long golden locks
Her fire-flashing jewels and the way she tells all
I had always admired the power at her core
Until I sat down with the goddess of war

To her left sat Woe, silently weeping
At the head of the boardroom, Zeus grandly stood beaming
Progress logically pondered his plight
Apathy stared at nothing in sight

She flew into action, steering the team
Charting destruction, her teeth a white gleam
Her anger flared out but Zeus never minded
If she scorched old Confusion or left Status blinded


Come friends enjoy your last breath
Don’t you know there is nothing so glorious as death?
Drink to her health
Long may she oppress
For drunk we adore
Our goddess of war

Blood spattered the streets as our plan took on life
Each heart resected by a new hero’s knife
Gen’rals told captains, “Set no one aside.
Our foes are faceless; slay all who hide.”

The red dawn revealed our Zeus now benign
Smugly transforming his grimace malign
He told us we’d done all he hoped we could do
It’s only a test, clean the carnage, who knew?


I have always aspired to her long golden locks
Her fire-flashing jewels and her towers of steel
But I’d rather be grimy with all the world’s poor
Than shine with the grease of the goddess of war

Tu Amor
By Alexa Weber Morales (BMI)

Tu amor es una droga que pulsa por mis venas
y calma como lluvia contra la ventana
Es la historia de un agridulce bossa nova

Tu amor es una fuerza que penetra el acero
y jala desesperadamente a mi corazón
Cada fibra de mi cuerpo canta tu nombre

Tu amor es una onda en un océano de pasión
y saboreo el beso lindo del amanecer
Recordando el calor de la noche

Tu amor es una mariposa esplendorosa
y tus pestañas acarician mi mejilla
y el aire que nos entorna esta brillando, vibrando

Flotamos libres
de la tierra
y su gravedad

You Cry, I Dry Your Tears
By Alexa Weber Morales (BMI)

You cry, I dry your tears
You sigh, I calm your fears

The sun goes down
And clouds gather angrily
But I envelope you invisibly
The bay is cold, fog is gray
But I will always stay
To offer strength and sympathy

The night is black
And wind rattles through the leaves
But I am high above you in the trees
The ground is hard, grass is dry
But I will always fly
And sing a sparrow’s song for you


The road is long
No signposts to guide your way
But I make smooth the paths on which you stray
From glaciers high, the river runs
And someone always comes
To share a moment’s peace with you