Phew! The whole house is refreshingly (surprisingly) clean, so I finally was able to do a video tour of our living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and home office post-KonMari method! And yes, yet another 2 boxes went to Goodwill thanks to the making of this video!

Each of these rooms has been the subject of a standalone before-and-after video (or several), so check my KonMari method playlist for a sense of how much work this entailed. The whole process began January 2015 and has indeed been life-changing!

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A lot of the art and furnishings you see are also the subject of my DIY decor videos, and were items I found on the street and transformed! Yay upcycling!

If these rooms don’t appear stark and minimalist, well, good! That’s the point! We have so much less clutter and follow a minimalist lifestyle, yet look how blessed we are with color and variety!

The KonMari principles followed to get to this point are:

1. Love it or lose it!
2. Go by category, not by room
3. Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of
4. Thank items for their service or what they’ve taught you
5. Make space for new things in your life by letting go of the old
6. Clothes: Gather everything in the house in one place and eliminate all clothes you don’t love
7. Books: If you haven’t read it, its purpose was to teach you you didn’t need it
8. Papers: Don’t keep most of them, and avoid complex filing systems!
9. Gym doodads: Thank them for the boost they gave you when you bought them, then give away
10. Animism: Shinto philosophy emphasizes the energy contained in the objects we own