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Practice Secrets of the Pros: Motivation, Method and Memory for Musicians… and Other Athletes
by Alexa Weber Morales
Kindle edition

In 2010, Grammy-nominated latin jazz singer-songwriter Alexa Weber Morales began a quest for pragmatic, inspiring advice about musical mastery. She interviewed experts, researched the techniques of memory champions and dove into the spiritual aspects of creativity.
The result is this book, a concise-yet-well-researched guide to three things no one ever taught her:

1. How to find the motivation to fuel the effort and overcome obstacles as you break through your prior plateaus.
2. How to use highly effective methods of learning and cycle continuously between performance and practice.
3. How to tap vast realms of your own memory to store and access relevant musical information without depending on technology, fake books, lyrics or other crutches.

Practice Secrets of the Pros: Motivation, method and memory for musicians and other athletesIt’s great to feed your mind, if you’re so inclined. Even wiser is to practice! Alexa did the reading and research so you don’t have to (and you’re in qualified hands — along with being a musician, she has been a freelance writer and magazine editor for over 15 years). Put these words to use! And please feel free to use the review space on Amazon to share how you are applying the practice secrets of the pros to your own adventures in mastery.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Anyone who wants to turn a creative passion into a desired outcome will eventually have to make friends with the activity known as practicing. Even the most gifted in any field have to shape and finesse their talent if they want to fully actualize that which they are attempting to create. To those who are starting out, or even those who have made progress and wish to continue moving forward, this book provides a thoughtful and comprehensive look at how it’s done. From the perspective of an athlete and a musician, Alexa Weber Morales has provided a combination of documented research and personal anecdote that will inspire and guide the reader toward successful results. If you’ve been needing a little nudge to get you into the groove of realizing your artistic (or athletic) dreams, check this out. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out the author’s music – she has definitely done some serious practicing.”

—Stephanie Bruce, songwriter, music teacher, recording artist
“This book is good food for thought, very well written and many will learn from it. “

—Hal Galper, jazz pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader, educator and writer

“This is definitely your book! What I like about it (besides the writing being quite good) is that whatever you’re discussing, your own sheer determination comes through loudly. I’ve always been impressed by your determination and fearlessness and pragmatism in terms of reaching your goals. That certainly is apparent in the book despite whatever problems you describe.”

—Jake Jacobs, bandleader, salsa dance teacher, international man of mystery


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