I came across this title (Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life) and inspired, I brainstormed some potential best-selling self-help book titles:

1. Toxic Losers: Ruthlessly Eliminating Useless Nitwits From Your Life

2. Toxic Reality: Staying Positive When Everything Around You Turns to Shit

3. Toxic Rage: Turning the Bile Within into Caustic Sputum

4. Men Suck: How Heteronormative Behavior Can Turn You into a Fervent Proponent of Asexual Reproduction

5. Non-toxic Children: Why I Believe the Children Are the Future Even Though They Have No Impulse-Control

6. I Can’t Stand the Screaming Any Longer: One Woman’s Story of Outsourcing Child-Rearing to Third-World Countries for Just $5 a Day

7. Predicanimics: How Coining Random Terms Can Make You Into a Media Darling

8. Toxic Lies Your Business Told You: Because You Will Never Be the One Percent

9. Toxic Capitalization: When You No Longer Remember What a Preposition Is Or Whether You Should Capitalize It In a Book Title, And How to Feel Better About That Fact

10. Toxic Showers: Frightening Things You Should Know About Mildew Before You Go to Bed Tonight