Alexa sings with the BAY AREA SALSA ALL-STARS!

Alexa W. Morales Pacific Mambo DanceEnvisioned by San Jose Jazz Summer Fest Latin music curator Arturo Riera and programmed-directed by Latin jazz flautist John Calloway, the Bay Area Salsa All-Stars are 15 well-seasoned musicians from some of the top salsa bands in the Bay Area and beyond.

AVANCE, Edgardo y Candela, the Pacific Mambo Orchestra and Orquesta Bembe are just a few of the region’s bands that will be represented on stage. They come together for a one-time-only Summer Fest exclusive performance that’s guaranteed to rock-salsa you out of your seat and get you dancing from beat one!



John Calloway, flute
Edgardo Cambón, vocals and percussion
Armando Cordoba, vocals
Marco Diaz, piano
Alexis Guillen, vocals
Charlie Gurke, saxophones
Henry Hung, trumpet
Steffen Kuehn, trumpet
Raul Navarette, trombone
Karl Perazzo, timbales
Ruben Sandoval, trombone
Saúl Sierra, bass
Alexa Weber Morales, vocals
Christian Pepin, percussion
Sean Zuniga, congas