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I'm an Oakland jazz salsa singer-songwriter, fluent in a few languages thanks to my itinerant childhood. Since 2004 I've done more than a dozen studio recordings for my own & other bands. In 2010, I sang on the Grammy-nominated Bien! Bien! In 2011, I made a fan-funded CD, and in 2012 my singing/songwriting was on Pacific Mambo Orchestra's debut CD. In 2013, we won a Grammy!

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Minimalist Holiday? Try "From Me To Yule" original Christmas tune by Alexa Weber Morales

Minimalist Holiday? Try “From Me To Yule” original Christmas tune by Alexa Weber Morales

  The song is available as a single or part of the expanding EP From Me To Yule. From Me To Yule by Alexa Weber Morales   This was inspired by all the great stuff I see out on the street, but know that people would be offended to get unless it came with a...

New Video Series: Alexa’s Books

Episode 1: Reviewed in brief: The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle The Big-Ass Book of Bling by Mark Montano The Anatomy of Story by John Trudy The Renegade Writer by Linda Formichelli & Diana Burrell Don’t Shoot: The End of Violence in Inner-City America by David Kennedy...