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I'm an Oakland jazz salsa singer-songwriter, fluent in a few languages thanks to my itinerant childhood. Since 2004 I've done more than a dozen studio recordings for my own & other bands. In 2010, I sang on the Grammy-nominated Bien! Bien! In 2011, I made a fan-funded CD, and in 2012 my singing/songwriting was on Pacific Mambo Orchestra's debut CD. In 2013, we won a Grammy!

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The difference between streaming and live performance

The difference between streaming and live performance

The first time I finally had my sound interface properly connected to OBS (One Broadcasting System, open source software for live streaming to any platform) and played a show, there was a moment in the middle of it where I felt a surge, a flash, that delicious sense of improvisatory daring that you get when...
You can stream our sold-out Valentine's Day show online!

You can stream our sold-out Valentine’s Day show online!

We had such a good time Tuesday night at Fenix in San Rafael playing quiet romantic Brazilian jazz along with some originals and songs and Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese! I was joined by Anne Sajdera on keys, Jeff Chambers on acoustic bass and Amy Molinelli on percussion. I took two melodica solos that I’m pretty...