These days, everyone wants to play music on YouTube. That’s great and good and all that, but it also means your little unplugged video probably won’t go viral unless you work really hard at making that happen. I spend my free time living life rather than trying to make videos go viral, or become the next Justin Bieber (hats off!). Anyway, it’s a bit like the lottery, no? That’s what I discovered with this, my little viral success story with, at last count, 228,000 views.

Why is this completely innocent video so popular? Well, thanks to the prurient comments (had to turn those suckers off) I learned that there are pervs who like wetsuits and have a bit of an obsession about them (I won’t use the appropriate six-letter f-word here). In closing, I heartily recommend Team in Training (I raised nearly $6000 for them in 2008 and 2009). And wetsuits are awesome, you feel like a seal and that extra buoyancy lets you swim farther than you’d think.

Oops, I forgot — I disabled embedding because I didn’t like the kinds of sites that were interested in doing so. Really it’s a funny thing, they just like to see girls put on wetsuits!


Alexa in her Team in Training Wetsuit