I upgraded to Sibelius First 7 this week and have had a lot of fun learning its features, especially the ability to create video of your sheet music! I exported a video of the sheet music (which took me a few days to transcribe — I only had a lead sheet of the arrangement, and the melody was in my head). That coffee stain you see on the paper is actually an effect in Sibelius (you can choose the look for your manuscript paper and desktop)! You can also turn the green playback line off, which I did because it looked cheesy — but it would be very useful for videos where you want to show someone exactly where the audio and music notation synch.

So, this is a video of the original song from my album I Wanna Work For You, using cuts from the Sibelius video sheet music and other images. That first one is an amazing NASA shot of cloud formations off the Aleutian islands, appropriate since the song begins with the Williwaw blasting off from the Aleutians. Like it?