Seen on today’s run:

A swarm of deathly handsome agents with fake handguns doing a hostage negotiation training exercise outside a building (I asked them). I have never seen such good-looking officers. Hmm, maybe it was a Chippendales kind of thing. But they said they were park police.

A very old man with a heavy black framed glasses, a giant white ball cap perched on his shrunken, hairless head, new pants and shoes, a youthful stride. What was strange was his jacket: A brown blazer that was literally in tatters. Shreds of it hung all over him. In front, one shredded lapel dangled to the ground.

A young guy fixing his car with low-rider pants hanging down below his butt. But I laughed out loud because he had no underwear on, so his entire white butt was mooning everyone.