Got this in the mail from Oakland Symphony Director Michael Morgan, and boy does it seem like a worthy cause for your year-end charitable consideration!

Dear Oakland Symphony Family,

Ever since I was a child, nothing has moved me like music. It’s as necessary to me as breathing, and I can’t imagine ever being without it. It has been my guide, my muse, and my teacher. Yet beyond what it has meant for me personally is what it means universally.

At Oakland Symphony, we believe that music binds us together as a community.This is why we take the stage, and meet you every day in the concert hall, in schools, and in the streets. Music is the meaningful, creative expression of our love for each other and this world. We share this vision and purpose with all of you.

Together, we have built a vibrant and diverse community. Your active support has already done so much, yet too often people tell us they wish they could do more. They don’t realize the immediate impact that each dollar raised provides. Because, indeed, every dollar counts. Just this past season alone, your gifts have made all of this happen and more:

  • Seven Classical concerts reaching almost 18,000 people
  • A 100-member Youth Orchestra taking the trip of a lifetime to Cuba
  • A chorus of 100 voices raised in song
  • Over 20,000 students involved in MUSE (Music for Excellence), including three after school orchestras
  • Eight free Young People’s Concerts for Oakland Unified School District students

A community united by the ideals of compassion and creativity has incredible power. Thanks to the generous support of this community, the Symphony will continue to be a force of unity, protecting the arts as our most elemental expression of identity, and embracing all the strands of our culture into a whole.

Consider making a gift today that says “Yes, music unites us,” and “Yes, music changes lives.” 

Please show your support by making a donation to the Symphony. Your support has made so much possible. Consider contributing today, as we need your help more than ever to help us accomplish even more.

On behalf of the Oakland Symphony family, thank you for your generosity.

With gratitude,

Michael Morgan
Music Director

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