Alexa Morales and BOCA MUNDIAL - Fenix livestream
We had such a good time Tuesday night at Fenix in San Rafael playing quiet romantic Brazilian jazz along with some originals and songs and Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese!

I was joined by Anne Sajdera on keys, Jeff Chambers on acoustic bass and Amy Molinelli on percussion. I took two melodica solos that I’m pretty happy with. The band played with an effortless, understated, cool jazz vibe. Soundman Martin had us sounding pristine. And then I got to watch the entire show the next day. 

It’s pretty amazing how Fenix has set up as a live streaming venue. And the interior is just divine! Congrats to Merl Saunders, Jr. on Fenix’s fourth birthday! He told me it used to be a clothing store and it took two years to remodel it as a jazz/supper club and bar. He also holds corporate events there during the day. It’s not easy to run a music venue but Fenix has got all the ingredients simmering… go check it out!