A few weeks ago while training for a half marathon I tripped in the dark running downhill on the sidewalk and hit my knee straight on the hardest I’ve ever done. I had no choice but to keep running to get home but the next day my knee swelled up and I knew I had to quit the running program until it healed.

When you injure yourself in sports, you soon learn that recovery is just as important as training. It’s just a different job. Because if you don’t recover, the consequences can be lingering.

The good news is, it only took a few weeks for my knee to get better, and I have zero problem running. That just makes me so grateful for all my cells and body parts doing their jobs to get better. When you think about it, your body is a system of organisms that each have their own life purpose. A doctor once told me, me as I watched him stitch my son up after a small cut, “The body wants to heal. You just have to put it back together the right way, and then it does the rest.” I haven’t forgotten that. I gave my knee a little RICE. It wanted to heal, so it did.

On some level, you are never alone, never just one navigator. The loudest voice in your head may claim that, but I often find myself asking parts of me what they want to do. Somehow, the answer comes. The body is amazing.