OVERHEARD: “It was the greatest performance! They really put on a show! The whole time the band plays, there’s a painter who’s using tennis balls to create a bigger-than-life portrait of Che Guevara. The singer is a freaking contortionist. There’s a lot of really hot girls in the audience because the bass player is ripped, one of those exotic mofos. Chicks climb on stage to grind on him. And there’s a body painter out front, and cigarette girls. And a low rider in the middle of the audience. Man, what a show.”

ARE YOU HOPPED UP ON SPEED? You are overstimulated. Did you know you can feel that rush without slamming all five senses? I’m not saying there’s no place for funhouse-style events. But sometimes all you need is a song, and the musicians weaving that wave there in front of your eyes and ears, and the scent of someone new listening nearby.